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Mr. Daniel Biyie, my English and Social studies teacher, at Junior High School believed I was good at both subjects. By the window he stood a day afer marking our examination papers, and said, “you can go to G.I.J after senior high school”.
I frankly had no idea of what I wanted to become or do as at JHS 3. I, perhaps, was just a schoolgoer. So when he mentioned the school of journalism, I thought I’d to study the arts. Three years down the line I completed Armed Forces Senior High Technical School. I got admission into the premier communication school.
This was where I got enough water to wet my brains. In the beginning I thought of becoming a fine broadcaster but nay! I rated people in media as probably the 3rd richest after two other professions. It was childish. Only God knows what their peanut of a pay may be. Nevertheless it’s a noble profession.
First semester, I had eight courses to study; only one caught my mind. “principles of marketing” I loved it at heart. It wasn’t a core course. I wanted to become a farmer while I was reading it! Indeed! “you’re weird” I was said to.
But I felt absolute normality. I didn’t see anything wrong with wanting to start a farm after reading communication skills. It’s what I want to do. It’s passion. I’ll pursue it. Afterall there’re dozens of media practitioners with medical and engineering backgrounds. Let me allow myself some fresh air and think well.
Time flew fast. The second semester probed its nose and again I’d eight courses to read. There I found what I called sister subject of principles of marketing: marketing management. Lo! it solidified the love I’d for farming. I saw how in the next five to ten years, my farm will turn into an employment hub.
HAK farms and company limited will have manufacturing industries which will turn primary product like cattle into beef, and milk. Eggs, gizzard, sausage from poultry. Other products may include maize, tomatoes, coconut just to mention few.
An available slaugher house will in one sharp corner stand on the farm. Cornered fish and makerel from the fishes. Journalism indeed! This is just the tip of an iceberg. I can’t say all because I’m yet to offer my top up. When I’m done with it, I pledge to finish this.
And yes I’m going back to the institute of journalism, but what do I major in?

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