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A Church referred to as known as Destiny Empowerment Chapel International has requested that its individuals keep on remaining at home until a superior arrangement is found to illuminate issues that have to do with COVID-19.

The President of Ghana yesterday declared that strict exercises can happen beginning from June 5.

As per him, Churches should concede 100 individuals one after another and Church Services can hang on for 60 minutes.

Be that as it may, in a quick reaction to the mandate, Destiny Empowerment Chapel International accepts that it’s as yet undependable to assemble in light of the fact that one can’t tell if an individual has the infection by simply taking a gander at his/her face.

The Church has chosen to proceed with its virtual chapels to protect their individuals from COVID-19 since they will be expected to venerate God when things are settled and safe in the nation.

Ghana has as of now recorded 80,70 cases with 36 passings.

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