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At the point when we originally caught wind of the Madagascar home grown solution for Covid-19 called the Covid Organic there was delight and celebrations watching out for the way that the remedy for Covid-19 has been found. The report about it was inclining at each side of our country. At the point when Nigeria acknowledged to get the Covid Organic from Madagascar, our happiness knew no limits. In any case, out of nowhere the report about the Covid Organic faded away like ice water in a hot room. We quit hearing any report about the Covid Organic. The explanation is on the grounds that the Covid Organic appears to has lost its worth.

By April 22, Madagascar had 121 affirmed cases yet no passings and 44 recuperations. They kept up their record of no passing up until the sixteenth of May, when they recorded the principal demise case. The casualty was an anonymous 57-year-old clinical specialist who experienced diabetes and hypertension.

Notwithstanding, the insights gotten from Wikipedia as at June 10, 2020 shows that Madagascar has 1,138 affirmed cases and an aggregate of 274 recuperations and 9 passings. Leaving them with 855 dynamic instances of Covid-19, demonstrating that the Covid Organic is not, at this point as successful as it was applauded.

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