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Exactly a week into her second home, she had her nose pierced. Not by her will but that of her ‘lord’. This was in a bid to please him because he admired his found rib more by a pierced nose. The pain was sharp but not a single blood dropped. Her nose became heavy. Another chapter has been opened in her life. She has to live with the nose ring for her lifetime. Whether she takes it off or not, the hole will still be there.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. The wound was not healing as fast as she thought it would. One day, the pain was gone, another day it returned with the slightest irritation.  She thought of taking the ring out to seal the hole. Just then an inner voice whispered , ‘don’t! wait till it completely heals. After all, you’ve borne the pains for months. Very soon you shan’t feel it anymore”.
Many are those in her shoes who go through trials, challenges and difficulties caused by others. Within the shortest period of time, these problems pile up as though they were planned. These pains are sharp. They pierce through the heart more than the dagger. It is extremely painful when you have no one to help you out. They may extend to only God knows when. The pains come and go. Sometimes they stay. Other times you may think all are gone, just then boom! Series of them knock at the door.
In the initial stage, you try to encourage yourself. You will face them. But with time, the giving up option pops on your mind. As soon as this comes, know for sure you are closer to being separated from those worries. The tougher they become, chances are that the end is approaching.
We all know the cliché “patience moves mountains”, “patience is a virtue” including the local saying “he who is patient boils stones and drinks its soup”. The issue at hand is not being patient but how to be patient. How can one attain this virtue?
Yes it is hard to wait and even more complex if you are clueless.
The most difficult creature among creation is man. It is amazing how a person would subject his fellow into an unfortunate condition. This mostly happens when the victim is vulnerable. Most of the time we are agonised by the simplest things. You may see a possible solution but then no one is willing to listen to you. A barking dog is not a crazy one. It has seen a stranger or an unusual creature probably. But most often than not we don’t wait to figure out what is making it bark so loud, rather we throw stones at it. With the consideration that it’s causing noise pollution.
If only we could reflect and listen to the cries of each other, try as much as we can to empathise with one another, work together towards achieving a solution, imagine what a place the world would be. Melancholy, we choose to be stone-hearted and egoistic- leaving our colleagues between rocks and hard places.
When they complain, we tag them as impatient beings. They try to find ways out of it, we label them with all sort of names. Dragging their image through the mud. With fingers pointed at them, what is forgotten is that the rest of the four fingers point back at us.
Yes, they may lack patience but we are four times impatient than they ever are!
Only they know what their agony is. Only they can tell. We all have our limit of patience. What A can forbear, B cannot and vice versa. If C was able to walk under the scorching sun, D could walk through the rain. That’s just the way it is.
Stop settling for less. But how do you accomplish that if you don’t know your value?
If it’s robbing you of your life, happiness, future or whatever it may be, quit! Don’t endure the pain way longer before you quit whoever or whatever that has put you in such dilema. Tomorrow is too bright! Desist from what others will say. “Let them say, so they are”
It’s their portion to be saying things of and about others. Whether good or bad.

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