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Social media is a medium through which information concerning people, institution, and other stuff are made known to the public and the world at large. Also, is through same medium many people sit in their closets and communicate to one another across the globe without necessarily traveling.
In this contemporary world, social media had and still playing significant role in the phase of every life under the sun.
Firstly, as a result of social media , the world has been made as a smaller unit where people easily connect to loved ones, friends, associates, and many more just with the use of internet and other technological tools.This unit us all as one Family.
Secondly, due to social media , we have been able to get updated with events happening in other parts of the world. In this regard, we are always abreast with news concerning other countries and this result us in making is knowledgeable and conscious.
Thirdly, as the saying goes,”” all work and no play ,makes Jack a dull boy” social media has in its installment what we call “entertainment” . Social media has impacted our lives through entertainment and more. We feel and renew ourselves through social media by watching television, chatting with friends amd loved ones on facebook,whatsup etc. listening to songs and more. These really refresh us from a tiresome day of hard work.
Moreover, social media has made life so easier and faster. In this sense, many traders , employers, and other institution market their products through social media. They only do this with just one click in their closets. Many employees also apply for jobs through the use of social media. Students also apply for admission and scholarship through this same social media.
Lastly, social media serves as the platform for learning. Social media like facebook, whatsapp comprise with groups where members come together to talk about problems and their solutions. In these same groups , people also learn about certain things they have no idea about. Also, people get to know about others by reading blogs and many more.
Indeed, life without social media is going to be boring, brutalish and frustrated. Social medial is the soul of life.

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