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TV3’s Talented Kids’ superstar and rapper, Tutulapato has called out for spiritual help so he would be delivered from what seems to be a spiritual marriage with female Ghanaian musician, Sister Derby.

According to him, since December 2019, he has been dreaming about Sister Derby and in all the dreams he has had so far, he always sees himself getting married to Sister Derby in a church or having honeymoon.

Tutulapato has also revealed that there are times that he hugs and kisses Sister Derby in his dreams but was quick to emphasize that he has never had intimacy with her in his dreams before.

He made all these known to Arnold Elavanyo Mensah in an exclusive interview on Vibes In 5.

In as much as he is seeking for spiritual help, he has given indications that he has no problem whatsoever if what he sees in the dreams materialises physically even though Sister Derby is far older than he is.

He also revealed that he has always liked Sister Derby in the music industry.

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