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On the 5th of April 2020, the president of Ghana, H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo addressed the nation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

He spoke at length by updating the citizenry on new cases recorded and measures his government is putting in place to deal with the virus. He however made a shocking revelation during his address. These are his words.

“”Efforts also at contact tracing have been ramped up over the course of the past week. Indeed, for every confirmed case of COVID-19, all the contacts have been listed, monitored and tracked. Additionally, in the home or place of work of a confirmed case, all persons, be they at home or at work, have been tested, whether they had symptoms or not. Within the locality or neighbourhood of a confirmed case, the opportunity is also being provided for persons to undergo voluntary testing to ascertain the extent of community spread.

We are, thus, about to enter a critical phase of our fight in the coming week, as the Ghana Health Service is due to receive the results of some fifteen thousand, three hundred and eighty-four (15,384) out of nineteen thousand, two hundred and seventy-six (19,276) persons who have been reached through contact tracing. It is the results of these tests that will determine our future course of action. “”

With this, there’s a high probability that recorded cases will escalate tremendously. It is imperative for Ghanaians to bear in mind that people have recovered from the disease. The United States of America has cases totaling to 253,000 and still counting. Although their deaths are in the 3000s, it is still a relatively small figure looking at their total number of cases.

In the words of the president: This Too Shall Pass. Ghanaians need to help control the virus by contributing their quota. This can be done by observing the precautionary measures given out by the Ghana Health Service. Regular washing of hands or disinfection through the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers. By making less contact to the mouth, eyes and nose (MEN). By eating more fruits and green vegetables and by engaging in moderate physical exercise. We must endeavor to observe the protocols issued in accordance with the partial lock down.
Most importantly, we need to strengthen ties with our maker. He’s the only one who can be our strength in these trying times.

May God Be Our Strength.

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