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In February, Nigerian pastor David Kingleo Elijah told his congregation he was going to China to “destroy coronavirus”.

“I am going to China to go and deal with coronavirus, I am going prophetically to destroy coronavirus. Where there is a prophet, people will not die. I cannot be a prophet, I am in this world and China is dying,” he said in a filmed sermon.What happened after no one wants to tell did you survive die what happened to him when he was there in China it is still unclear what happened but the last we heard from him he was hospitalized there in China and it was not looking good for him .
Sevens of god must know that even in the Bible when the devil tempted Jesus in the book of Matthew chapter 4 Jesus himself said we cannot put the Lord our God to the test meaning I can’t do something that is foolish and expect God to rescue me out of it we have so many people that did things that were out of the way saying they are moved by their faith but the end result was death.Even as prophets at times people have to be wise fight your battles and let God fight his. We are not God we are humans.

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