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A single picture can tell many stories. The image below has garnered some short yet beautiful poems from different people and it shows how differently they view things. The most fascinating thing is how the views which appear differently seemingly look alike. Enjoy!

1. What we see always isn’t
The mirror is but only a reflector
What it’s given is what it provides
Reality is within
The mirror can be lied to
You can’t do same to yourself
©Kandey Alhassan


2. All they ever know
Is all we ever show
Behind scenes of our glow
Is a story of untold sorrow
A happy face isn’t always a happy soul

©Hamza Hajj Ayub


3. The mirror displays what it sees.
It never says what you hide.
The mirror might be deceptive from the front
But it tells the truth to your back.
©Luqman Dabone


4. Reality remains the only truth
Theories are one-sided story
A worthy life is a reflection of both
What can be hidden from the mind
Cannot be hidden from the sun



5. There is this insane game
I saw two people playing once in a movie

And the only way you can win is if you can’t come out with a question.

I find really hard to win if the other person
you are playing against is just yourself.
©Mubah speaks


6. Mirror never tells the whole story

Sometimes it takes a probe
and a camera’s eye to show you

what you’re looking for
©Naimu Mohammed

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