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Well, blaming the devil whenever something unusual happens to us, our family or colleagues is the easiest way of winning sympathy votes from our cherished acolytes.

Therefore, we’re praying tirelessly so that we could either shackle or emasculate him, possibly. It’s so sad that the narrative isn’t changing anytime soon. For instance, the Bible stated in James 2:19 — “that believe there’s one God; that’s good: the devil also believe, and tremble”. Yet, we still believe the Living God is triune, while the devil sees Him as one, so who qualifies to be called satan?

Just that she made mentioned to you that she has broken up with her guy, you hinged your proposal on marriage. Through that, you successfully toured her fantasies after six months down the line. And quickly took a redress and reneged your promises — she’s experiencing broken heart ever since.

He’s looking rich but not your type, which you knew very well. Due to the money he has accumulated, you started ingratiating him with love, as though without him there’s no any man left. As soon as you wired his funds into your piggy bank, you made it apparent to him that; “Sir, you’re not my level”.

Similarly, a sister heard her girlfriend promised of being married in a week time. She’s seen that her friend would completely have a new look, embellishment and attitudinal facelift after getting married to this God fearing, and rich looking responsible fiancé. Then she went stealthily, and confessed all the hidden secrets of the lady she called a sister to him. Eventually, the relationship got annihilated! Who’s the satan here; do you still consider the one the scriptures made mentioned?

The plight of the poor cocoa farmers keep saddening. Before you’d know, a deal has been secured to grant scholarship to their kids, asphalt and connect their deplorable road to the main road, and to facilitate the development of social amenities. But all these would vanish on the radar after the monies have been paid. The man we see in suit has the answers.

You bought some fruits from the village where, they were sold to you at a very cheap price. When selling, you priced it so high that four little sick ripen bananas go for two cedi, whereas this same amount of money could fill a whole polytene bag in the village with bananas. Isn’t it easy to fetch out the satan here? Our petty traders have themselves to be blamed too.

Nothing passes your nose without you grabbing it; the flashy cars, new gadgets and the latest futuristic buildings — you have it all. Nonetheless, when an advertisement is made of a brilliant but needy student who needs financial support to further his education, you quickly changed the channel. Because you haven’t finished milking the less privileged women in the neighborhood. In some instances, the money keeps going to other business avenues without donating part to the community, despite the numerous offices you hold.

Our economy is retrogressing still with a widening gap between the poor men and oligarchs. Thus the employers take absolute advantage of the situation. He’d employ fresh graduates or unskilled labours, but with a poor condition of service. He knows that if they should decline the offer or complain, a crop of another hungry graduates are there to do the uphill task at even a far lesser cost. So he’d pay them a token as a salary.

When a leader assumes power, by the time he leaves office the state has rather invested more in him than he has to the state. His mandate would completely be different from what he was voted for; poverty level would hike, unbridled corruption, social loafing would permeate every public institution, incompetence and dissipation are the hallmarks.

So does a public servant would report to work at his own time, too. Hence, he’d be idle all day, yet he’d be the first to clock out, and the last to clock in. He wouldn’t care if productivity starts dropping, because it’s government’s work (“aye aban ne juma”). We haphazardly litter; and when it rains, the gutters and drainage systems become our dumping sites. If cholera, malaria and other killing diseases become endemic to our environment, then we start censuring the evil one.

Where has the world reached, now that brotherhood is determined by colour, race and a person’s wealth? We have among men who love to take sides; if you’re not with his colour, tribesman or wealthier he’d never mingle with you. That said, you’d hear them call their neighbors ‘my brother’, although they’ve deemed those people unqualified of winning or sharing a common bowl of rice with them.

In our communities, we extend the Islamic fraternal greeting of “peace be unto you” (Salaamu alaykum) on every one we meet. Immediately they passed by us, we’d either gossip about their cloth, way of dress, or family. How could peace be unto somebody you’ve maligned?

The other time, it was four sisters gathered talking, when one of them left their midst, they started gossiping about her. Amidst the gossip, on her return, she also brought another brother’s issue from where she had gone to and, they’ll started slandering that brother too.

It should peeve our hearts seeing that all these have now been incorporated into our pristine culture. It has become so normal to us that even when one person wants to be the ‘change’, we’ll gather and hoot at him to remain uncanny like us. Where is this attitude taking us to, if we’re not bent on revolutionizing our mindset from these sacrilegious irregularities and social setbacks? Aren’t we tired of seeing our brothers vituperated, cursed, eaten, cheated, and killed because of our actions?

We need to decouple our intents from perceiving things this way. We should, however, be responsible, focus and remain doughty, as we prepare to collectively fight to eradicate this canker of always blaming the devil for our wrongs; from within us, once and for all.

Lest I forget, “the believe that satan is the cause of evil is unnecessary, men are capable of committing all forms of weakness and evil”.

©Abdur Rahman Odoi

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